January 5, 2011

Wedding Invitations

I've recently received a request from a colleague of mine to make wedding invitations.  I'm really excited.  This will be my first large project since I've started making cards.  These are two examples that I've given to her.  I wanted to keep it fairly simple.  I'll be using pergamon paper (not sure but this probably translates to vellum)  with a nice cuttlebug embossing and a ribbon border at the bottom.  I'm having a print office make up the text for the inside and will attach it when the cards are done.  I'll update the post later with more photos.

Here are some more samples I made for my colleague.  A friend of mine is displaying them in her store with wedding favors that she sells.

Almost done.....

This is the card she selected for the wedding invites.

The first batch of invites is almost done.  I received the text back from the print office and it was horrible.  Smudges, wrong lettering, and for some reason they all smelled like moth balls.  I'm going to have to take the whole set back to a different printer and redo it.  I'll update again with the completed card.

While I wait for the print office to do their work I'm thinking of making some table markers.


  1. Gorgeous! The vellum is so elegant and your embossing is beautiful!

  2. You have some gorgeous embossing folders I have never seen. The cards are lovely and I hope the recipient keeps the card and some how uses again.