March 27, 2011

I just became an alcoholic (with ink)!

I've been experimenting with Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks.  The uncontrollable nature of the ink makes for some fabulous art.  The paper I used was a glossy and made the ink even more vibrant than I expected.  I've tried in the past with glossy photo paper and didn't get the same results but on the Ranger Ink glossy paper the ink dried much better with better results.  

The colors can be mixed together like this card but lose some of the gold reflection of the glossy paper.  The colors mixed together and seem like looking at a marble surface, while the other card I waited for the ink to dry and it made more of an abstract art portrait.  It was so much fun that I want to put together a video sometime while playing with the alcohol ink.  Enjoy!

Besides playing with the alcohol ink I've been putting together more crafts for Easter.  If anyone is interested I'll put together another post with the wreaths and angels I've been making.


  1. Wow! bellissimo effetto!

  2. Valentina, very inspiring, love the bright colours. You are certainly very artistic.

  3. so amazing. love the artistry of your LO!